The Toynbee School (Resource for Students with Visual Impairment)

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Secondary school resource fully equipped to support the needs of pupils with visual impairment in Hampshire.

The resource provides specialist support within the classroom through the use of Learning Support Assistants, technology such as laptops and IPADs with assistive software and specialist equipment for large print users and Braillists.

All pupils in the resource are fully integrated in to the life of the school and take on areas of responsibility, for example within the school council. They take part in school day trips, residentials and clubs after school, such as in Sport, Art, Drama and Music.

Services offered:

  • Educational support

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  1. Paula Maunder

    24 November 2015

    User rating: 5 stars

    This school has been an excellent choice for our partially sighted daughter. She takes part in after school activities with her sighted peers, three days a week, and with others like her once a week, only coming home once a week at the normal school time! She is also making good progress with her academic studies.

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