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The Visual Impairment Service works to:

- support all the visually impaired pupils in Pembrokeshire from 0-18

- assess pupils’ vision on request from schools, parents or health professionals

- provide information on how vision impacts on learning and advice for classroom management, advice for statement, if appropriate, and advice on necessary equipment

- provide long-term, regular support throughout the school years to pupils with low vision, usually defined as blind or partially sighted with vision less than 6/18 on Snellen chart

- give regular up-dated advice to schools to help them meet the needs of these individual pupils. Support to include sensory work, teaching through non visual means such as braille, tactile diagrams and charts

- support statemented pupils by reporting to, and attending annual reviews wherever possible

- provide training on visual impairment on request from LEA or schools.

Services offered:

  • Educational support

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