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Experiencing vivid, silent, visual hallucinations after losing sight – from any cause - is extremely common. There are an estimated 1 million people – including children - in the UK who live with this condition. It is called Charles Bonnet Syndrome and is not a mental health issue but due entirely to loss of sight. As sight diminishes, the messages which run between the eye and the brain slow or stop. This allows the brain to fire up and create its own images. What is seen depends on which part of the brain is firing. Esme's Umbrella is the Campaign which raises awareness of CBS. It hosts a website, a Helpline and provides an information pack which includes an explanation of CBS, coping strategies, current research and how to access support for people who develop CBS - and their families. Peer support is available through its Esme's Friends telephone/online CBS chat and support groups. CBS now has a coding in WHO’s ICD 11, which means it is recognised as a condition in its own right.

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