Sightline Directory

The directory for services aimed at helping blind or partially sighted people


User-friendly and accessible

Sightline has been designed to be user-friendly and accessible.

We want everyone to be able to use the directory without difficulty or obstacles. This includes people with sight problems, loss of hearing, mobility and cognitive problems as well as users with dial-up connections, older browsers or new technologies such as mobiles and tablets.


We conducted extensive user-testing of Sightline while it was being built, and we continue to test it.

Sightline is tested with sighted and blind and partially sighted people.

We test Sightline in a variety of popular browsers and using common access technology.


If you’re struggling to use Sightline, have a read of our help section.

If you experience serious problems using Sightline, and the help section doesn’t help, we want to hear about it. Contact us with as much detail as possible about the difficulties you’ve had.

We read all feedback, and do our best to make Sightline work well for everyone.